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Welcome to the homepage of the Laboratory of Ecosystem Management, Hokkaido University.
The Laboratory of Ecosystem Management conducts research on various terrestrial ecosystems (forests, river wetlands, grasslands, farmlands, and urban areas) to elucidateecosystem structure, function, and ecosystem services, and to develop techniques and plans for ecosystem management based on these findings. Research topics can be divided into the following three categories:
(1) Understanding the effects of land use and natural and anthropogenic disturbances on biodiversity and ecosystem services,
(2) Mitigation and adaptation measures based on the responses of forests, rivers, wetlands, and other ecosystems under climate change,
(3) Restoration and rehabilitation of degraded ecosystems,

We are looking for highly motivated students who are interested in both basic and applied research and who can contribute to our laboratory. If you are interested in entering our
laboratory as a master's student, doctoral student, or post-doc student, please first consult with the instructor whom you wish to supervise. We are also able to provide support for JSPS DC and PD programs, as well as various scholarships and research grants. We also welcome visits from those who are interested in our laboratory.


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